ARNA MEDIA launched in November 2021 is an independent film company specializing in distribution of national and international films on the territory of CIS and the Baltics, as well as co-production and development of the other international activities.

The company was founded by Nadezda Motina, who was responsible for the releases of such titles as “The Green Book”, “Another Round”, “Molly’s Game”, “Trouble” and others in Russia.

In 2022 ARNA MEDIA will be releasing 12 films in cinemas and over 30 films digitally.

The company’s line-up already includes anticipated premieres such as new film from the director of “Oldboy” and “Handmaiden” Park Chan-wook “Decision to Leave”, investigation movie “JFK Revisited” directed by Oliver Stone, a comedy with Jackie Chan and his new partner codenamed Red Hair “Ride On”, and the other films of the various genres from the acclaimed producers starring Pierce Brosnan, Helena Bonham-Carter, Gemma Arterton and others.
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